Commonly Used Types of Car Paints

What You Need to Know Before Car Painting

Cars are dubbed as the toys for the big boys. Certainly, you want to maintain one’s good looks and be on-trend. More than just choosing your color palette, it is also important to know which type of paint to use. Your trusted car painting shop can help you with these.

We sometimes tend to look into details, and the type of paint used is often neglected. A wrong choice of paint type not only affects the application of your desired design but the overall look of your car as well. You might want to check this list of some of the commonly used car paints today.

Metallic Car Paint

Metallic car paints are perfect for sports and muscle cars as it is highly reflective. Although the downside is that this type might be more expensive compared to others. Also, you might have a hard time looking for the perfect shade that you want since this has limited shade varieties.

Acrylic Urethane Paint

This type can be considered as the hybrid one. It is easy to apply like lacquer and lasts long like enamel.

When you want an auto painting job to be easy, quick, and affordable, then you might want to consider using this. However, be careful as this type is one of the most toxic. Make sure that you wear a painter’s suit, a respirator, and a pair of goggles to be safe.

Waterborne Enamels

Waterborne enamels are also known as one of the most versatile types. This is because you can apply these on primers or on present coatings. This is also commonly applied on the top surface for prolonged protection.

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