Most Commonly Damaged Auto Parts in Car Crashes

Take Your Vehicle to an Auto Body Repair Service Today

Vehicle damage is an imminent reality no matter how well you maintain your vehicle. Several external threats are bound to create damage to your car, especially in unexpected circumstances. If your car happens to be on the receiving end of a collision or crash, various parts of it could get broken. That’s why it’s important to take your vehicle to a reliable auto body repair service, in order to repair these commonly damaged parts of it:


Bumpers are the number one thing to get damaged in collision cases. An auto body shop near you should be able to provide you with the services to restore or replace yours if the situation arises.


The second most common thing to get damaged is your car’s grille. Repairs for this are important since it could restrict the airflow within your vehicle. Make sure a reliable professional is handling your repairs for best results.


Aside from car crashes, hood damage could also be caused by falling objects or flying projectiles. It may take a while for a professional to carry out damage to this part of your vehicle.

Car Glass

Car glass is a part that’s especially susceptible to damage. Don’t bother dealing with even the slightest cracks as these could be a hazard toward your drive. Have a professional auto body repair service work immediately on the damage.

Heaters and Air Conditioners

External parts of your vehicle aren’t the only things that could get damaged. In a collision, the impact could also affect internal systems as well.

Take your damaged vehicle to a professional for prompt and efficient services. If you’re looking for a trustworthy and capable auto body repair service in Provo, UT, we at Capital Collision Body Shop LLC are the place you should go. Call us for inquiries now at (801) 628-6137.